Arboricultural Services East, West Zone and Planting & Young Tree Maintenance
London Borough of Barnet require the provision of Arboricultural Services for two zones, East Zone ref 701359/West Zone 701360 covering cyclical planned maintenance of the Authority’s street tree stock and responsive and emergency works to the Authority’s tree stock in parks, highways, woodlands, housing sites, allotments and other sites throughout the Contract Area. The provision of Planting and Young Tree Maintenance ref 701361 for the Authority is also required.

The Authority will hold a supplier event at Saracen's Rugby ground, Allianz Park, North West London to launch this requirement on 18 August 2015. Suppliers are requested to register for this event by email to no later than 17 August 2015 10.00am
Value of Contract
£2750000 to £5500000
Estimated Annual Value
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Contract Notice
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