Expressions of Interest for the Provision of Dementia Services
The London Borough of Barnet is seeking a provider for Dementia Support Services (non-domiciliary). These services are being commissioned as part of the developing Dementia Pathway within Barnet, overseen by a multi-disciplinary Steering Group comprising health, social care, voluntary organisations, people living with dementia and their carers.

There is an increasing number of people living with dementia in Barnet. Services are being developed to improve awareness, boost early diagnosis and raise quality of care. Community support services delivering advice and information, and day opportunities are integral to the pathway, establishing continuity and structure for the individual throughout their experience with dementia.

The service will be delivered by staff experienced and knowledgeable in dementia care able to respond to the needs of individuals and their carers. The provider will work in close co-operation with health and social care agencies in the development of comprehensive and seamless services for all those living with dementia in the Borough.

The duration of the contract is for 12 months whilst a business case is worked up for a 3 year contract upon expiry of the initial project. If you are interested in this opportunity, please express an interest either through the system or by emailing by 17th September 2013 5pm.
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