Countryside Management Operations
The London Borough of Barnet Greenspaces team, manage over 200 parks and open spaces ranging from large parks to small greens. We also undertake the management of horticultural features within public housing and highways sites across the borough. The requirements listed within the tender documents relate to operations required to ensure our open space, public housing and highway green areas are maintained to a high and safe standard and to allow access to the boroughs rich flora and fauna.
The operations to be undertaken within this requirement apply to the maintenance of large grass and wild flower meadows, to ensuring our network of ditches are kept free flowing to provide adequate drainage for our open spaces. The borough has a network of (access routes) rural footpaths and bridleways which cross mainly the northern part of the borough, providing access to and through both public and private land rich in flora and fauna. The parks & open spaces, public housing sites have a large number of formal hedges which are cut twice a year along with the highways semi-rural roads which have hedgerows, hedges and grass verges that require cutting annually to ensure unimpeded access for pedestrians and vehicles.
The countryside management operations requirement has been divided into lots suppliers can apply for provision for one or more of the lot requirements. This contract requirement is being advertised under an OJEU open procedure.
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