Barnet NetZero Website Launch
The London Borough of Barnet (the “Authority”) is seeking to commission a suitably qualified service provider (the “Supplier”) to undertake the recruitment of a 3-phase stage of providing an engaging web portal.

The Council intends to award one (1) year contract through a competitive ITQ process – this will be a call-off contract with delivery of individual phases determined by output of previous phases.

The Supplier will provide support to the council for initially Phase 1 of this project (the Discovery Phase) delivery of Phase 2 (Design Phase) and/or Phase 3 (Development Phase) will be dependent on the outcomes of initial phase.. As part of the council’s commitment to become a net zero council by 2030, and as a borough soon as possible after this, but no later than 2042; a website has already been developed, www. We recognise that this website currently is very informational and this project is looking to develop this further so that it provides a seamless journey for residents, supporting them to become more sustainable.

The web portal should be a mechanism for providing updates of Carbon Emissions and other environmental issues affecting the borough and be an engagement tool for residents, businesses and community groups. It should also act as a place for signposting best practice as well as opportunities for residents to be more sustainable.
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