Market Engagement Event Documents for the Reprocurement of the Accommodation and Support Services Approved Provider List (Lots 1 to 7)
The London Borough of Barnet is reprocuring its Accommodation and Support Services Approved Provider Lists, Lots 1 to 7 as follows:
• Lot 1: Hoarding Assertive Outreach Service
• Lot 2: Neighbourhood Networks
• Lot 3: Supported Living (Low / Medium/ High Needs)
• Lot 4: Supported Living for Young Adults in Transition
• Lot 5: Specialist step down support for people with Mental Health
• Lot 6: Supported living for people with complex disabilities and health needs
• Lot 7: A ‘Crash Pad’ for people with learning disabilities and Mental Health needs

To support the reprocurement, an online market engagement event was held on Wednesday 14th July. Please register in order to access materials from this event once they are made available.

Barnet Council’s vision is to provide a wider range of Accommodation and Support services and to increase the range of services commissioned by the borough that will provide good outcomes for Service Users - supporting them to progress towards independent living through integrated support plans and clear move-on pathways where appropriate.

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