London Borough of Barnet Waste Transfer Station
The London Borough of Barnet (LBB) is seeking to appoint a supplier to deliver a new Waste Transfer Station (WTS).
The new WTS will be delivered via one of two options which is to be selected by LBB: (1) delivery at a site located adjacent to Geron
Way, or (2) delivery at any alternative site which may be identified by LBB. LBB reserves the right to withdraw either of the options from
the procurement.
For Geron Way, the design for this option is well developed and has conditional planning permission. Enabling works to clear the site have
also been completed. If this option is selected by LBB, the supplier will be required to deliver the detailed design, construction, testing,
commissioning and handover of a new WTS at Geron Way under a single stage contract.
For any alternative site, the supplier may be required to support LBB in the assessment of alternative delivery locations. If this option is
selected by LBB, the supplier will provide the preliminary design (up to RIBA Stage 3) and support LBB in obtaining associated planning
consents under the early contractor involvement terms within the Contract (Stage 1). The main works (RIBA Stages 4 to 6) will form Stage
2 of the Contract but LBB will be under no obligation to proceed to Stage 2 with the supplier if a price and/or design cannot be finalised in
accordance with the requirements of Stage 1.
LBB invites interested suppliers with the necessary experience and capability (including of working alongside the railway) to successfully
design, build, commission and handover a new WTS facility to express an interest and register for this opportunity at this portal,
LBB will shortlist 3 highest scoring suppliers at SQ stage to the initial tender (ITT) stage.
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