Market Engagement for The Provision of Perinatal & Family Mental Health Coaches (July 2020)
Market Engagement
Perinatal & Family Mental Health Coaches

The London Borough of Barnet are seeking to procure a Perinatal and Family Mental Health Coaching Service. Due to the social distancing restrictions under the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Authority are hosting a presentation for prospective bidders to download and review at their own leisure , ahead of the commencement of the procurement.

The presentation content can be downloaded from the 'Documentation' section of this website. If you have any questions in relation to the content of the slide deck, you should use the messaging facility within the website to submit. Please note, the deadline for submitting questions in relation to these Market Engagement slides is 5pm on Friday 17th July 2020.

The focus of the Family Health Coaches service is to address the assessed needs of families affected by mental health problems, domestic violence and substance misuse. The focus of the Peri-natal Health Coaches Service is to provide a low intensity emotional wellbeing support for women with or at risk of developing mild to moderate (also referred as ‘common’) perinatal mental health problems. Both services are expected to:
• identify families with needs and directly raise the Early Help assessment
• contribute to the Team Around the Family/Child
• take the Lead Practitioner role where appropriate
• be part of an exit strategy in the form of a step down service to the Social Services

The focus of the event is to provide the market with an overview of the services the Authority is seeking to procure. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss the proposed service model with the market, and to seek providers’ input on:
• What can we do differently to improve
• The proposed structure of the delivery model (lots)
• Timeline for tender

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