Highways Advertising Land Asset Opportunities
London Borough of Barnet (LBB) are offering a number of opportunities for small and large scale external advertising to be refreshed and new provisions to be introduced into the Borough. These will be treated as Land Asset arrangements.
Two opportunities have been released 15 February 2019 that seeks bids from suitably experienced companies for the following Advertising formats.
• Bus Shelters and Free-Standing Units (FSU’s) mainly within Town Centre locations
• Large Scale Back lit and/or Digital Advertising on Council owned land, including the Public Highway
These opportunities are being treated as Land Asset deals with the successful bidders being required to enter into suitable Licences/Leases which will provide relevant permissions to erect and maintain suitably designed advertising structures at specific locations within the Borough.
Whilst LBB have identified a number specific locations the bidders will also have the opportunity to propose other locations and submit proposals for these.
All locations whether identified by LBB or potential bidders will be subject to achieving the necessary consents and permissions.
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