Recreational Sporting and Culture Services
On 31 December 2002 the Council entered into an Agreement with a Service Provider for the management of its leisure facilities for a period of 15 years. In accordance with the Agreement all relevant Council staff were transferred in accordance with TUPE to the Service Provider at the commencement of the contract and the leisure facilities involved were ‘licensed’ to the Service Provider giving them responsibility for all repairs and maintenance other than supporting walls and roofs. The Council recognises that some of the facilities are outdated and are increasingly inefficient to operate. In addition, it has recently become responsible for public health, a key aspect of which is the delivery of preventative services, many of which link closely to the provision of leisure services. When these issues are viewed in the context of the increasing pressure on local authority budgets the Council is keen to explore with potential providers:
• How some of the existing facilities can be redeveloped and improved.
• How the current cost of provision can be reduced, the Council is keen to identify a solution which does not require any form of subsidy throughout the contract period.
• Which other services they could undertake as part of the leisure contract.
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