London Borough of Barnet Leisure Management Operation Contract
The London Borough of Barnet is seeking a strategic partner who has the experience, commitment, innovation and ambition to work in partnership with Authority to maximise benefits from investment into leisure facilities through improved quality of service, increased participation whilst supporting improved health and wellbeing.
Our vision is to “create a more active and healthy borough”, contributing towards an engaged, productive, resilient and empowered population. As our population becomes increasingly sedentary, physical activity is importantly recognised as an essential component of our wellbeing; providing a positive contribution to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Council acknowledges the crucial role of leisure to support and lead improvements in the health and wellbeing of local communities. The Authority recognises that greater collaboration and partnerships can provide the foundation for innovation; contributing towards addressing the social determinants of health, assisting to tackle unhealthy lifestyles, offer cost effective approaches and creating opportunities that promote wellbeing. The Authority is keen for a future leisure partnership to engage with the wider market, where feasible to achieve the potential benefits and deliver partnership outcomes.

The Authority has linked aspirations to Public Health England’s Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF), connecting the contribution of sport and physical activity to individual health and wellbeing, inclusive of definition and measurement. The developed indicators and outcomes are placed at the core of a new leisure management contract and is central to how the tender is submitted by prospective providers.
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