Strategic Leisure Management Partner
Prior Information Notice for Leisure Management Provider
London Borough of Barnet (LBB) is seeking a Strategic Partner to manage its leisure portfolio across the borough for a maximum 10 year contract term. LBB is looking for an innovative Strategic Partner who can work with us to strategically integrate public health outcomes within a future leisure management contract that will align health and wellbeing priorities.
In addition to leisure, LBB would like potential Strategic Partners to explore whether the management of greenspace and sports pitches could be included in a wider leisure management contract and provide proposals for how this could be delivered
This notice is for information only and is not a call for competition under Regulations 26 (9) and 48 (5) – (7) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR). LBB are issuing this PIN for the purpose of pre-procurement market engagement under Regulation 40 of the PCR and in line with the UK Government sourcing guidelines, with a view to preparing the procurement and informing economic operators of their procurement plans and requirements through a number of Market Awareness Events and sessions to be run through February to April 2016. The start of a formal procurement process for the Leisure Management Contract, for which a separate Contract Notice will be issued, will commence in September 2016.
At the Market Consultation Events LBB will consult with the market about future procurement plans and provide an opportunity to consult with and receive feedback from potential Strategic Partners on the procurement and evaluation approach. In the formal procurement process to follow, applications will be invited from potential Strategic Partners who can demonstrate to LBB that they have the necessary technical knowledge and experience, capability/capacity, organisational and financial standing to meet the requirements in an innovative way with a public health focussed approach. Potential Strategic Partners are likely to have a background in leisure management.
The principles of partnership working are very important to LBB and the selection and evaluation criteria in the upcoming procurement will include criteria to assess potential Strategic Partners’ capability and commitment to partnership working.
LBB is investing in its current leisure facilities, creating a portfolio of modern leisure centres for Barnet residents. Future pre-procurement consultation sessions events will outline a required financial position, which aspires to generate income and the selection and evaluation criteria in the upcoming procurement will include criteria to assess potential Strategic Partners’ proposals to achieve this goal. Please see the attachment for further details.
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