Building Maintenance & Facilities Services
The Corporate Plan 2010-13 has as one of its priorities “Better services with less money” with some of its key strategic objectives to `explore new ways of bundling and commissioning services to generate better outcomes for less money’ and to `ensure that 100 percent of the 50 largest contracts, by spend, are under formal contract’.

Through the One Barnet programme the Council has pledged:

• More efficient and strategic use of property
• More effective use of property; and
• More efficient and strategic use of public sector systems

This means having only those assets that we need to deliver the core functions agreed upon through the One Barnet programme and to maximise opportunities with partners to get the best effect from the public sector assets across the borough.

It also demands that we significantly improve the processes and systems through which we manage our estate, optimising resources in terms of service delivery and community benefit.

The proposed Planned Maintenance contracts will enhance the Borough’s reputation as a good place to live and work and will assist in ensuring that all our buildings are legal & safe, meet current statutory obligations and are suitable for service delivery. It is the intention of the Authority to reference this requirement in the Invitation To Tender (ITT) and it will be scored accordingly in the evaluation of tender.

The annual value of the services is approximately £3.8m.

Official EU reference: 245791-2013

The date for return of completed PQQ documents has been extended until 12:00 on 6th September 2013.
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